The perfect complement to the natural beauty of our Iron Woods® premium grade exterior building products and our existing line of cladding profiles, the Iron Woods® Rain Screen, Façade and Vanish™ Clip System brings a new found elegance to the art of both commercial and residential building envelope and interior facade design and construction.
The concept of rain screen or ventilated and back drained wall and soffit systems is not new. As far back as the 15th century the impact of moisture condensation behind exterior wall cladding on material performance and finishes has been well understood. Back-Ventilated cladding and soffit systems allow moisture to evaporate more rapidly than closed systems improving the service life of building envelopes in environments that experience high winds and driven rain. What is new is our unique Vanish Clip System which eliminates the need for visible fastening, eliminates the need for battens and creates both vertical and horizontal air flow improving pressure equalization in high wind environments.

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The Iron Woods® System. State Of The Art in Exterior and Interior Wood Facade Design. While originally developed for exterior applications, architects and designers now recognize that the Iron Woods® unique Vanish™ Clip system represents a significant improvement in the technology for Interior and exterior residential, and commercial facade applications.

Iron Woods Soffit

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Iron Woods Soffit

Designed and Engineered to Perform

  • Iron Woods® Façade System can be applied over most exterior and interior envelope design types including application over Rock Wool create noise absorbing wall systems.
  • Vanish proprietary clip design combined with proprietary facade profile provide a clean aesthetic appearance reducing the potential of visual telegraphing of clips between cladding boards.
  • The Vanish Clip System eliminates the need to predrill cladding greatly reducing installation labor costs and eliminates the points of water penetration associated with face fastening.
  • All Iron Woods cladding options are kiln dried and pre-stabilized to eliminate the potential for clip exposure due to shrinkage.
  • Cladding adjusts naturally to changes in environmental conditions eliminating stress at connection points.
  • Both Open (Rain Screen) and Closed (Cladding) profiles are available for use with the Vanish Clip System.
  • Unique Rain Screen profile improves water shedding and eliminates damaging clip in groove gutter effect and risk of cladding to clip separation associated with some rain screen profiles.
  • Vertical and horizontal air flow improves moisture dissipation from the envelope and connection points while providing superior pressure equalization.
  • Vanish Clips reduce or eliminate galvanic reaction between clip, fastener, batten or cladding materials and any potential for corrosion or staining and eliminate the risk of corrosion from sea salt or other pollutants improving life cycle system performance.
  • Vanish unique three hole high and low profile clips provide design and attachment options to both wood and steel including clip to batten, clip to stud or clip direct to sheathing attachment.
  • Direct to sheathing attachment option allows the use of random length cladding reducing cladding trim waste lowering material costs.
  • Specialized self-drilling T316 Stainless Steel Screws with unique thread design generates superior clip to wood sheathing or batten connection and engineered screw pull out performance. Specialized self-drilling Quick Guard Coated Screws generate superior clip to galvanized steel battens, studs or z girt framing systems.
  • Wider clips provide superior connections and smooth transitions at butt joints.
  • Engineered to Perform, Iron Woods Rain Screen, Cladding Façade and Vanish Clip System is third party signed and sealed to comply with state building code wind load compliance requirements. CSI specification language and section details are available upon request.
  • Iron Woods® Cladding Systems should not be installed in contact with the ground at grade, concrete slab, deck materials or standing water. Flashing and counter flashing should be installed at the intersection of the roof and vertical surfaces as recommended by the roofing manufacturer.
  • Iron Woods® Cladding Options are Certified Environmentally Compliant under our Green By Nature…Build with Conscience Environmental Compliance Program, USGBC/LEED/FSC Certified Compliant Species Options are available
Product Configurations
Vanish Rain Screen™ Low-Profile Configuration Vanish Rain Screen™ can be mounted on-baton using low-profile clips. In this configuration, the weather barrier is affixed flush with the surface of the outer wall beneath the baton. (Ipe shown)
Vanish Rain Screen™ High-Profile Configuration  Vanish Rain Screen™ can be mounted off-baton using high-profile clips. In this configuration, the weather barrier is affixed flush with the surface of the outer wall. (Ipe Shown)