More than just wood products… Peace of mind for you and your customers.

Environmental Leadership begins with self-actualization. It is a decision of conscience. As a consumer, am I going to preference sustainable resource based products and those companies or brands that have demonstrated a verifiable commitment to sustainability initiatives?


Sustainability: Reasonable cost to you – low cost to the environment

Too good to be true? Not really. Many of Iron Woods’ product lines are available at a similar price as comparable grades. When sourcing wood products, we require that each piece is clear and straight, minimizing sorting and waste. 

Iron Woods works closely with government agencies, sawmills and foresters from all over the world to ensure that the products we carry are sustainably managed. Many of our product species are regenerated either naturally or by seeding and replanting and are third-party certified as having been produced from legally harvested logs in compliance with all international laws and regulations pertaining to the harvest and trade of both temperate and tropical forest products.

Iron Woods remains committed to the protection and preservation of the world’s valuable timber resources and is pleased to bring the benefits of these unique timber products to you.

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    Iron Woods’ Green By Nature is an impressive supply chain traceability program. By requiring all international suppliers to pass a rigorous risk assessment, the program fills in the gaps where forest certification is lacking. A model program for the industry, Iron Woods demonstrates leadership in promoting responsible forest management.

    Evan Bruner – Rain Forest Alliance

    Proactive Environmentalism

    We take many additional steps to help protect and preserve the worlds forest resources by promoting the use of forest products. Here are some more of the things we do:

    • Iron Woods does not trade in any forest products derived from a species listed in the CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered or Threatened Wood Species) Appendices I, II, or III.
    • Iron Woods preferences products that have been value added at their point of origin in support of local communities.
    • Iron Woods utilizes independent inspection and grading services to verify that all materials sold under the Iron Woods brand name are produced from legally harvested logs and in compliance with all international laws and regulations relating to the trade of timber products.
    • We preference third-party certified, reclaimed, and salvaged materials when available.
    • Iron Woods is certified Lacey Act compliant. This act prohibits trade in wildlife, fish, and plants that have been illegally taken, possessed, transported or sold.


    Green by Nature – Build with Conscience

    Products carrying the ‘Green By Nature™ ‘Build with Conscience’ Certificate of Compliance meet a comprehensive set of Controlled Wood, Chain of Custody, Life Cycle Impact and Due Care Standards, Policies and Procedures that support environmental sustainability initiatives.

    Iron Woods brand products have an environmental reputation you can build on…

    • All Iron Woods products have been verified of legal origin and verified of legal compliance as being, legally harvested, transported, exported, imported and documented in compliance with all country of origin, international and domestic laws, rules, regulations and treaties pertaining to the fair and legal trade of forest products including but not limited to the ITTA (International Tropical Timber Trade Agreement),  CITES (Convention On The International Trade of Endangered Species) U.S. Department of Agriculture Lacey Act, U.S. Department of Justice Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and U.S. Buy American Act.
    • All Iron Woods products are derived from forests which are naturally occurring, renewable and sustainable and are not harvested from forests or forest plantations where traditional, civil or intellectual property rights have been violated, forests having high conservation values which are threatened, forests that have been genetically modified or forests which have been converted to non-forest use.
    • Iron Woods products are sourced with a preference to those forestry operations implementing LIL (Low Impact Logging) techniques and sustainable forest management practices.
    • All Iron Woods products are 100% organic and grown without the use of chemical fertilization and are regenerated naturally or by seeding and replanting. All Iron Woods are either kiln dried or fumigated and are free from invasive insect or plant species.
    • The natural service life of Iron Woods hardwoods exceeds their natural growth cycle, trap and store carbon and are able to be reclaimed, reused or recycled.
    • Iron Woods hardwoods do not require for service any petroleum based or inorganic chemical treatments adhesives or coatings.
    • Iron Woods products do not require for service any specialized handling storage or disposal procedures and generate zero post-industrial or post-consumer non-biodegradable waste.
    • Iron Woods products are also safe for human and animal contact, meet Low VOC emission standards and meet International Building Code, International Residential Code and Cal Fire Wildlife Urban Interface Code requirements for naturally durable wood.