Iron Woods® has a long history of supplying both structural and architectural lumbers and timbers for a variety of applications including posts, beams, timbers, rail road ties, fenders, bracing, stringers, curbing, rafters, pergolas, arbors, structures, porta cache, columns, trusses, piling, rafter tails, and more.

Our sawmill and remanufacturing facility produces heavy timbers in the below listed species and dimensions.

Stock subject to availability


Mill Rough Sawn up to 8″x8″ and 6″x12″x20′
Surfaced up to 7.5″x7.5″ and 5.5″x 11.5″x20′
Bright Sawn up to 7.75”x7.75” and 5.75”x11.75”x20’
Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”

Mill Rough up to 12″x16″x32′
Surfaced up to 11.75”x15.75”x32’
Bright Sawn up to 11.75”x15.75”x32’
Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”


Mill rough up to 12”x16”x20’
Surfaced up to 11.75”x15.75”x20’
Bright Sawn up to 11.75×15.75”x20’
Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”


Mill rough up to 12”x16”x40’ Surfaced up to 11.75”x15.75”x40’ Bright Sawn up to 11.75×15.75”x40’ Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”


Mill Rough up to 12″x16″x40′
Surfaced up to 11.25″x13.25″
Bright Sawn up to 11.25″x15.25″
Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”

Purple Heart:

Mill Rough up to 3”x8”x20’
Surfaced up to 2.75”x7.75”
Bright Sawn up to 2.75”x7.75”
Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”

Green Heart:

Mill Rough up to 4”x12” x24’
Surfaced up to 3.75”x11.75”x24’
Bright Sawn up to 3.75” x 11.75”x24’
Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”

Angelim Pedra:

Mill Rough up to 8”x12” Surfaced up to 7.75”x11.75” Bright Sawn up to 7.75”x11.75” Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”