Ironwoods Residential Product Applications

At Timber Holdings USA, our entire line of Iron Woods® residential products was created to handle all of your outdoor projects and budgets. In addition to stock items for decks, siding and stairs we will be happy to create custom lumber profiles and components to set your project apart.

Residential Decking

When you specify the Iron Woods brand, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality products available in the market. And anyone who has ventured into a lumber store and picked through a pile of wood can attest to the fact that not all lumber is created equal. For decades, professionals around the world have come to trust the Iron Woods brand as the symbol for quality, consistency and durability.

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Deck Tiles

Iron Woods deck tiles are a beautiful alternative to traditional decking. They come in a variety of elegant designs and are made from the same high-quality wood species that we use for our decking. To find out more about this unique product, and wood species available, please contact us for more information or download our deck tiles PDF.

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Dock Decking

Iron Woods have been used by residential dock manufacturers for years as a premium option for their customers. We are also pleased to offer dock decking replacement packages to homeowners looking to replace their old worn out dock boards. Just specify the species, dimension and length and we will pre-cut and deliver to your specific requirements. We can even pre-drill your dock boards and supply fasteners so all you have to do is screw it down.

Appropriate Species

Ipe | Garapa | Cumaru | Tigerwood | Purple Heart

Post, Rail & Stair Components

When building/constructing a deck, most people want to have rail and stair components that match the quality and durability of their decking meterial. To answer the need, we stock a variety of rail and stair components ready to be shipped to your location.

Appropriate Species

IpeGarapa | Cedar

Siding, Paneling, Ceiling, Trim or Details

When looking for a natural alternative to aluminum and plastic, home-owners turn to the Iron Woods brand for the highest quality and most durable products.

Appropriate Species

Ipe | Garapa | Cambara | Cumaru | Cedar | Fir | Teak

Custom Mouldings, Millwork and Architectural Details

At Timber Holdings we stock a large variety of the highest quality woods milled for various applications. Yet we know that the quality and beauty of the woods we handle can be used in a variety of applications limited only by your imagination. We are always happy to assist you in any project – simply call us at +1 888-932-9663 or e-mail us at Drawings are required for all custom milling and fabrication jobs.

Appropriate Species

We can supply any of our wood species for your custom projects.

Floor/Porch Decking

Iron Woods offers tongue and grooved porch decking in a variety of species and profiles. The applications are only limited by your imagination.

Appropriate Species

Ipe | Garapa | Cambara | Fir


Timber Holdings stocks a variety of rough and dimensioned boards in 3’- 6’ lengths for the high-end fence builder.

Appropriate Species

Ipe | Garapa | Cambara | Cedar

Lumber & Timbers

Timber Holdings has a long history of supplying both structural and architectural posts, beams and stringers. Our sawmill and remanufacturing facility produces heavy timbers in the following species and dimensions. (Stock subject to availability)

Stock Species

Mill Rough Sawn up to 8″x8″ and 6″x12″x20′
Surfaced up to 7.5″x7.5″ and 5.5″x 11.5″x20′

Mill Rough up to 12″x16″x32′
Surfaced up to 11.25″x13.26″
Bright Sawn up to 11.25″x13.25″

Mill Rough up to 12″x16″x40′
Surfaced up to 11.25″x13.25″
Bright Sawn up to 11.25″x15.25″

Special Order Species

Cumaru | Green Heart | Purple Heart | Azobe

Sill Plates

Better builders recognize the benefits of our Iron Woods sill plates as a better foundation to build on. Superior rot, termite, crushing and fastener pullout resistance make Iron Woods sill plates the natural choice in today’s construction markets. Additionally, Iron Woods sill plates virtually eliminate the fastener and hanger corrosion concerns currently facing the treated wood products industry.

Appropriate Species

Ipe | Purple Heart

Screws & Fasteners

As with most projects, the life of the project is usually determined by the quality of the materials and the care used to assemble them. At Iron Woods, we offer a line of stainless and galvanized fasteners specifically suited to our woods. While any of these products can be obtained at your local hardware store, many of our clients prefer that we match and ship these materials with each order.

See our Ipe Installation Guide for best practice information about screws and fasteners.

Installation Guides

For more information regarding the residential installation of Iron Woods products, see each wood’s individual page.

Ipe | Garapa | Cambara

How to Purchase

If you’d like to purchase any Iron Woods products, simply send us a quote request from this site or call us directly. Find the appropriate number.