12″ x 12″ DECK TILES

The Outdoor Hardwood Floor©

Made from Iron Woods™ Premium Select Grade, Kiln Dried, Ipe Decking, our unique Iron Woods deck tile system turns ugly concrete patios, decks and flat roofs into beautiful outdoor hardwood floors.

Built To Last

Any deck is a significant investment. That’s why we make commercial duty deck tiles from premium select grade kiln dried Iron Woods™ Ipe decking and marine grade fasteners. Naturally resistant to rot, corrosion, wear, fire and virtually every other threat imaginable, Iron Woods™ Deck Tiles stand the test of time.

12” x 12” Iron Woods™ deck tiles can be applied to any flat surface using our unique EPDM pedestal System.
Total thickness of deck tiles = 19mm, or 3/4″
Total thickness of pedestal = 10mm or 3/8″
Combined deck tile and pedestal elevation = 1-1/8″

Built for Speed

Our unique pressure pin connection system holds the Iron Woods deck tiles together by simply pressing the tiles down on to the pins. Simply cut and fit as required. All you need is a good jigsaw and a drill with a 5/16″ drill bit and drive set.

Tiles can be easily removed and replaced should it ever be necessary to access the substrate below for cleaning or just in case you wat to retrieve that luck penny your dropped.

Built for Low Maintenance

Iron Woods™ deck tiles come unfinished. You can either let them weather naturally to a silver grey patina and clean as required to remove dirt and mildew, or you can finish them with a perpetrating oil based sealer with cleaning and reapplication of sealer as desired to keep a natural wood finish.

For more information, see our Iron Woods Best Practices Guide.


How Many Pedestals Do I Need?

The Iron Woods™ EPDM pedestal system allows you to lay the tile on any surface including an EPDM rubber roof membrane. Our unique pedestal design lets you divide the pedestals in to sections. You will need 1/4 of a pedestal for outside corners, 3/4 of  pedestal for inside corners, 1/2 of a pedestal for outside midpoints, and a full pedestal for each inside connection point.

Iron Woods Deck Tiles

Iron Woods™ Deck Tiles

Iron Woods Deck Tiles Installation
Iron Woods Deck Tiles Pedestal