Iron Woods is the original, leading brand of naturally durable wood products. Favored by design professionals and consumers alike, the Iron Woods brand has become synonymous with commitment to superior quality and environmental accountability. Our product’s strength, hardness and durability have been proven again and again in demanding commercial applications like the famous Atlantic City and Coney Island Boardwalks and in backyards across America. Not all hardwoods are created equal. We set the standards.  Read more about Iron Woods...

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The perfect complement to the natural beauty of our Iron Woods premium grade exterior building products and our existing line of siding profiles and standard rain screen offerings, the Iron Woods® Vanish Rain Screen™ brings a newfound elegance to the art of both commercial and residential building envelope design and construction.



Roof decks and other poorly ventilated deck applications present a unique set of challenges for a designer and or builder. The Iron Woods Elevations Roof Deck System was developed to provide a stable wood deck surface for poorly ventilated roof decks, they are the ideal solution for any deck construction where there is a lack of good ventilation.

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Iron Woods Ipe decking stands up to the elements year-round – from the heat and humidity of Central Florida to the four seasons of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, complete with Atlantic Ocean spray, brutal winters and hot summers. No matter where you live, no matter what the application, Iron Woods Ipe is the trusted choice of professionals and the right choice for your home or business.

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The Iron Woods® Vanish Decking™ System lets you bring the refined, uniform aesthetic of interior hardwood flooring to your exterior spaces. With no gaps or screws to detract from the rich, natural beauty of Iron Woods hardwood or to cause unwanted cracks and splinters, it’s clear that no decking solution available on the market today is more appealing to the eye or gentler on bare feet than the Iron Woods Vanish Decking System.

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Garapa is beautiful. Garapa Gold™ features a rich honey golden-brown color range that will be the highlight of any landscape. For long-lasting durability, Iron Woods® only uses 100% Clear All-Heart Garapa, without any of the unsightly knots or sapwood streaks used by other suppliers. What you get with Iron Woods® Garapa Gold™ is gorgeous wood with attractive grain patterns, nothing less.

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Cambara is a fine hardwood that is often used for applications such as ship building, door and window frames, millwork, moldings, boxes and crates, outdoor decking and fencing. Its warm, reddish-brown tones blend well with many types of railing systems, or you can choose from Cambara dimensional lumber to create your own design.

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Tired of that ugly old deck that came with the house? Ready to give that prehistoric patio its walking papers, but don’t want a large project? Then the Iron Woods Deck Tile System may be your answer. The Iron Woods Interlocking Deck Tile System gives you all of the beauty, strength and durability of Iron Woods Ipe and other hardwoods without the long lead-time for installation.

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GreenByNatureBuildingProductslogoAn environmentally  superior alternative to Treated Wood, PVC or Composites. Iron Woods brand are harvested legally from sourced from sustainably managed forests in compliance with all international laws and regulations pertaining to the harvest and trade of both temperate and tropical forest products. Iron Woods is more than just a piece of wood, it’s peace of mind.  Read More…


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