Vanish top end viewWith the Iron Woods® Vanish Decking System, Timber Holdings will change the way you look at outdoor hardwood decking. Vanish utilizes a proprietary decking profile that completely conceals our new invisible fastener system. Now you can bring the refined, uniform aesthetic or interior hardwood flooring to your exterior spaces. As the leading brand off premium hardwood decking for 25 years, we are excited to introduce the ultimate luxury in outdoor surfaces. One glance and you’re sure to see why we’re calling Vanish the Outdoor Hardwood Floor.

  • More attractive: With Vanish fasteners, there are no screws to spoil your deck’s surface and there are no visible railroad tracks of unsightly hardware common to other so-called “hidden fastener” systems
  • Longer lasting: Vanish fasteners are designed to allow for contraction and expansion while keeping the decking in alignment for enduring appearance and performance
  • Stronger: Vanish fasteners are made from coated stainless steel and are up to 3 times stronger than traditional plastic clips
  • Smarter: Vanish utilizes an exclusive clip-eclipsing wood profile that allows water to drain quickly, yet prevents small objects such as earrings or coins from falling between the decking
  • Safer: Because there are no screw heads, you and your guests can walk on Vanish in bare feet without fear of cuts or slivers.
  • More flexible: When it comes to exterior home design, Vanish has no limits—it lets you bring the sophisticated elegance of natural hardwood to terraces, pool decks, gardens, walkways, open-air kitchens and outdoor living areas.

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