Specification:  Iron Woods Elevations Roof Deck System
Application: Roof Decking
Location: Manhattan, NY

In Manhattan, roof decks provide needed outdoor space in an urban setting. Iron woods roof deck systems are the perfect option for quality and durability.

“I ordered your 24” Iron Woods Elevations Deck Tile System with Self Leveling Pedestals. It came out beautiful! The quality of the tiles was really outstanding. The whole crew was amazed when they arrived. It’s impossible to get such perfection in the field. My last Ipe deck was really poorly executed because the workmen couldn’t get the screws to go in without splitting the wood. Of course they wanted to screw the tiles down to beams and I had to force them to learn the pedestal system. Your website had excellent instructions and once they got it…they GOT it.. and really liked it. I expected to be able to see the pedestals through the boards but I was pleased that it is hard to see them and the black screws were a nice touch.

I noticed the ends were waxed but I didn’t know the whole tiles were pre-finished. I used Defy brightener and then hand rubbed Ipe Oil with a rag and not a streak in sight.  I don’t trust contractors to oil or stain Ipe. They don’t rub it into the wood, apply too much, and then don’t wipe off the excess. I am glad my husband and I did it ourselves because we got to appreciate the beauty of every board. 

I am planning to order more for two small decks I have at my office.

Thanks for your help.
Jhane Barnes