timberholdings_main_greenheartGreen Heart (Ocotea rodiaei)

This species from Guyana is well known for its use in dock and harbor applications and is commonly used for marine piling due to its high resistance to marine borers.


Suitable Applications

Green Heart is very difficult to work and develops large surface cracks as it dries, limiting most of its use to marine applications. Not recommended in small dimensions or under 2″ thickness. Green Heart is an excellent choice for marine piling and shoring.


Mill Rough up to 4”x12” x24’
Surfaced up to 3.75”x11.75”x24’
Bright Sawn up to 3.75” x 11.75”x24’
Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”

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Strength & Durability How does Iron Woods Green Heart compare to other lumber products?

Green Heart CCA-Treated Pine Composite Decking
Type Hardwood Softwood Plastic Wood
Maintenance Low High Low
Decay Resistance High Varies Varies
Termite Resistance High Varies Varies
Strength High Medium Low
Movement in Service Medium High High
Fire Rating Class High/Medium Varies Low
Weight per cu. ft. 68lbs. 35lbs. 60 to 64lbs.
Bending Strength 24,900 9,900 – 14,500 1,423 – 4,500
E-modulus 3,250,000 1,170,000 – 1,510,000 175,000 to 480,000
Shear Strength 2,620 1,370 561 – 1,010
Hardness 2.350 690 940 – 1,390

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