Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata)

Western Red Cedar has the unique, natural performance and exceptional beauty that bring warmth, character and longevity to homes and commercial buildings around the world. Timber Holding Int’l. can supply you with either clear or knotty grades.

Grown in the Pacific Northwest and along the Pacific Coast to Alaska, Western Red Cedar is a slow growing and naturably durable. It’s also renowned for its naturally occuring resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage.

Strength & Durability

Western Red Cedar offer the advantages of natural beauty, design flexibility, exceptional dimensional stability and long term durability. It also has a long history of withstanding the rigors of time and weather. Western Red Cedar is lightweight and easy to handle for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Suitable Applications

Western Red Cedar is generally straight grained with a uniform texture. This species is lightweight and moderately soft with a very low shrinkage rate. These characteristics make cedar ideal for a variety of exterior and interior uses such as decking, siding, trim, posts, fencing, beams, mantles, paneling and corbels & brackets.


Mill Rough up to 12″x16″x32′
Surfaced up to 11.75”x15.75”x32’
Bright Sawn up to 11.75”x15.75”x32’
Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”

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How does Iron Woods Western Red Cedar compare to other lumber and decking products?

Western Red Cedar CCA-Treated Pine Composite Decking
Type Softwood Softwood Plastic Wood
Maintenance Medium High Low
Decay Resistance Medium Varies Varies
Termite Resistance Low Varies Varies
Strength Medium-Low Medium Low
Movement in Service Medium High High
Fire Rating Class Low Varies Low
Weight per cu. ft. 30lbs. 35lbs. 60 – 64lbs.
Bending Strength 6,800 9,900 – 14,500 1,423 – 4,500
E-modulus 930,000 1,170,000 – 1,510,000 175,000 – 480,000
Shear Strength 900 1,370 561 – 1,010
Hardness 580 690 940 – 1,390

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