Roof decks, ground level decks, and other poorly ventilated deck applications present a unique set of challenges for a designer and or builder. When constructing a roof deck the designer must take into account many factors. The need to create a level deck on a sloped surface, effective drainage, roof access for maintenance, typically poor underdeck ventilation, variable load requirements, the possible integration of green roof systems, wind uplift and installed system costs. Iron Woods® Self-Leveling Pedestals, Deck Tiles, and Conventional Deck Systems provide unique and cost effective solutions for the construction of both roof top and conventional decks.

Iron Woods® Deck Tiles and Decking System was developed to provide a stable wood deck surface for any deck construction where there is a lack of good ventilation. Additionally the system has been engineered to withstand wind uplift forces on a four story building to 175mph as rated for central Dade County Florida. For reinforcing options above this requirement we recommend the designer contact the design engineer listed on the Master Plan Sheets.

Iron Woods® Deck Tiles also provide a Simple, Elegant, Unique and High Value alternative to traditional decking to new deck construction. Simply double the joists (the lowest cost item in your deck construction) at 24” on center and lay the prefabricated deck tiles in a mosaic or linear pattern and fasten to joists with one screw or screw and plug per corner. That’s one screw per square foot of decking which represents a significant installation labor and material cost compared with conventional decking applications.

What are installers saying?

“The Iron Woods Adjustable Self Leveling Pedestal saves us 30 to 40% in installation labor because of the UNIQUE FEATURES that no other pedestal has!”

Iron Woods® Elevations™ Deck Tiles – Load Rating 200psf

The open deck tile surface design promotes air pressure equalization reducing potential for wind uplift.

Iron Woods® Ipe Deck Tiles are offered with a smooth deck board surface only and have the following coefficient of friction ratings.

Static: Wet – .615FP
Dynamic:Wet – .43FP

Grooved decking surfaces are not recommended. Why? Grooved surfaces reduce surface area contact with a shoe and are more difficult to clean supporting the collection of food and dirt which encourages fungi growth further reducing slip resistance.

*While Iron Woods Deck Tiles meet minimum International Building Code Compliance Standards, this is not a warranty of safety.


Iron Woods® offers several pedestal options based on surface and elevation requirements. Iron Woods® pedestals can be utilized for projects that require roof to deck surface tile elevation heights from 1-3/4” up to 36” and loads up to 2000lbs per pedestal. Iron Woods® pedestals include features that add greatly to performance, ease of installation, and stability including pressure fit connection technology, post installation elevation adjustment and self-leveling technologies.

Iron Woods® EPDM-80 Pedestal

Iron Woods EPDM-80 PedestalEPDM Rubber Pedestal is a flexible deck tile support that allows tiles to follow the natural contour of the roof. This 1/4” fixed height pedestal incorporates spacer tabs and pressure fit connector technology. The flexible EPDM rubber is resistant to environmental deterioration and is safe for direct contact with the roof surface. Additionally, it has sound deadening qualities and creates a soft feel for walking. This pedestal is not stackable and must be considered for low elevation support requirements only. Pedestals are pre-cut and can easily be separated into halves or quarters to facilitate perimeter and corner placement.

Iron Woods® Star Pedestal System with Eterno™ Technology

Iron Woods® Star Pedestal SystemIron Woods® New Star Pedestal System Provides a unique solution when your project requires pedestals under 1-1/4”. The Star Pedestal System incorporates pressure fit connection technology but not self–leveling technology, the Star T Pedestals unique design and key slot provides post installation elevation micro adjustment from 3/8” to 9/16”. Combined with the 3/16” stackable Star B Base pedestals, any required pedestal height can be met from 3/8” to 1-1/4” where our self-leveling Iron Woods™ SE Self Leveling Screw Jack pedestals take over.

Iron Woods Self Leveling Screw Jack Pedestal System with Eterno™ Technology

Iron Woods® Self Leveling Screw Jack Pedestal SystemIron Woods® Self Leveling Pedestals with built in slope compensation offer a uniquely simple solution. The system, combines Supporting Base, Extension, Screw and Head options which generate pedestal heights from 1.25” to 21.75” and slopes from 5/32’’ to ½’’ (0% to 5%) per foot of slope. Pedestals are placed on a 24” square grid.

Iron Woods® Pedestals have an individual loading capacity that exceeds 2200 lbs. and can be set on any waterproofing membrane or other surface. Made from 100% post-industrial recycled material, resistant to temperatures -22°F to +248° (-30°C to +120°C), resistant to acid and UV stable, Iron Woods® Pedestals are ISO 9001/2008 and SA8000 certified and meet significant criteria used in green building initiatives according to LEED NC LEED Credit Compliance.

Iron Woods® Self Leveling Screw Jack Pedestal Special Features

Iron Woods® Self Leveling Screw Jack Pedestal Special FeaturesOur Adjustment Key allows for final micro adjustments after installation. Our Screw Block System indicates when units have safely reached their maximum height adjustment. Bases are pre-cut to facilitate perimeter and corner placement. The Iron Woods® Self-Leveling pedestals incorporate shims to compensate for any minor variations in deck tile thickness. Shims are provided in 1/8” or 1/16” thicknesses.

Iron Woods® Self Leveling Screw Jack Pedestal Deck Tile Head

Iron Woods Pedestal Deck Tile HeadAn anti-noise bi-component soft rubber pad and pressure fit connection technology is integrated into our unique self-leveling head design. When installed a mechanical connection between the tiles and the head seamlessly integrate all components of the system.

Conventional Deck Head – Combines Iron Woods® Decking and Stringers on Pedestals

Elevations™ pedestal systems support conventional deck construction as well as deck tiles. Our unique conventional deck head is designed to allow for the attachment of stringers. A simple application of Iron Woods® 2×4 Ipe stringers (laid flat) and one of Iron Woods® 5/4×4 Ipe decking options, provides not only a traditional deck appearance, it also increases the deck live load rating to 275 psf. As a ‘Best Practice’ Iron Woods® recommends the use of 5/4×4 deck profiles (S4S E4E, Traditional Slotted) where ventilation is limited or poor.

iron woods deck tiles

Iron Woods™ Roof Deck Tile, Decking and Pedestal System

Standard Tile Dimensions

IPE 24”x24”
IPE 24”x48’’
IPE 24’’x72”


Elevations Roof Deck System
Elevations Roof Deck System