Iron Woods 12″ x 12″ Deck Tiles

Iron Woods deck tiles are a beautiful alternative to traditional decking. They come in a variety of elegant designs and are made from the same high-quality wood species that we use for our decking. To find out more about this unique product, and wood species available, please contact us for more information or download our deck tiles PDF.

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Iron Woods Elevations Roof Deck Systems (24″ x 24″)

Transform your wasted roof into a beautiful environment for relaxing and entertaining without sacrificing a thing. Our Elevations Roof Deck system create a roof system that is attractive, functional and yet remains serviceable. This system can also help you achieve your goal of a Green Building certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Effectively draining water from a roof or plaza deck is a critical issue for every building. By using Iron Woods Elevations Roof Deck system, with Hanover pedestals and leveling shims, water is channeled away from the roof surface. The Iron Woods system grants architects and planners the ability to achieve level deck surfaces—even on foundations with unusual slope-to-drain configurations. The Iron Woods Elevations Roof Deck System, with Hanover pedestals, is designed to work together to suit a variety of surface slopes. Please contact us for CSI specs of our Iron Woods Elevations Roof Deck System.

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