First Coat is a factory applied, clear oil based sealer, designed to take care of your deck’s initial sealing requirement.

  • First Coat helps to minimize the work, expense, and hassle of applying the initial stabilizing sealer coat.
  • First Coat seals all four sides with a machine controlled application of sealer, dried in a controlled environment that enhances the immediate appearance and performance of your deck
  • First Coat helps reduce checking and watermarks as the Iron Woods® naturally weathers to a slivery grey patina.
  • First Coat allows you to wait and apply UV inhibitive sealer to maintain the rich walnut color of Iron Woods® Ipe in optimum conditions.
  • Any scuffing or scratches in the First Coat from shipping or handling will disappear. They will fade into the silvery grey patina or will blend in with the application of the UV inhibitive sealer used to maintain the color.

To Maintain the rich walnut color when you see your deck starting to fade:

  • Apply a transparent penetrating oil based sealer with UV inhibitors in a trans-oxide pigmented tint and then reapply annually or as needed to maintain the color. Consider brands similar to: Penofin, Messmer’s, or Cabot Timber Oil.
  • Before application of sealers, brush and clean the surface to remove dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Due to the density of Iron Woods®, brush on thin coats or a sticky surface may result.
  • Periodic cleaning will enhance the appearance of your deck.
  • Other types of oil and water based coatings have been used. However, fully test samples from several boards to determine their compatibility with Iron Woods®.

For additional information on working with Iron Woods® decking please consult the Iron Woods® Installation Guide, available from your lumberyard. Follow all manufacturers recommended application instructions when using these proprietary products.