timberholdings_main_firDouglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

Recognized not only for its strength, stability and size, Douglas Fir is known for its rich golden color and attractive grain patterns. It truly is a great choice for structural and general purpose wood in residential and commercial construction.

Grown from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast and from Mexico to central British Columbia, this wood varies widely in weight and strength. When lumber of high strength is needed for structural uses, specify the higher density grades.

Suitable Applications

Douglas Fir is one of the hardest softwoods available. This makes it best suited to flooring, roof-top decking, paneling & ceiling, corbels & brackets, posts, beams and timbers.


Douglas Fir is available in a range of profiles, dimensional lumber boards and timbers
Mill Rough up to 12″x16″x40′
Surfaced up to 11.25″x13.25″
Bright Sawn up to 11.25″x15.25″
Custom Profiled to 6”x11.5”

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