About our Grades

From our architectural-level products to our commercial grades, all Iron Woods brand wood is hand-selected and under our control from point of origin until its final delivery. The grade you specify is the grade you’ll receive.

The Difference Is In The Grade

When you purchase generic “Ipe decking” you have no guarantee to quality and consistency in the product you receive. At Timber Holdings USA we control the wood products that carry the Iron Woods brand from point of origin all the way to our customers to assure consistency of product quality and certify compliance with all international laws and regulations designed to promote sustainability.

Natural Variance

As with most wood products there is a range of colors and grain patterns that lovers of natural products appreciate and value. There are, however, in all lumber, various characteristics that develop naturally or through manufacturing that are considered defects. Some natural “defects” add unique character to the wood and are sought after and appreciated for their beauty. Some of these include: color variation, grain patterns, and tight knots. Other natural “defects” are usually less desirable. These include: heart cracks, splits, sapwood, raised grain, loose knots, and staining. Manufacturing defects, usually the result of poor machining, like skip or hit and miss milling are not preferable.