Iron Woods LogoIron Woods™ is the original, leading brand of naturally durable wood products. Favored by design professionals and consumers alike, the Iron Woods™ brand has become synonymous with commitment to superior quality and environmental accountability. Our product’s strength, hardness and durability have been proven again and again in demanding commercial applications like the famous Atlantic City and Coney Island Boardwalks and in backyards across America. Not all hardwoods are created equal. We set the standards.  In the absence of official grading rules, Timber Holdings developed a set of grading rules that have set the quality standards and expectations for the naturally durable hardwood market. At Timber Holdings We recognize that setting standards creates accountability.


Timber Holdings USA has been sourcing and supplying naturally durable wood products for over 30 years from around the globe. Born as specialists in naturally occurring organic wood based extractives recognized for natural decay resistance and applications in the leather tanning industry, Timber Holdings expanded its intimate knowledge of naturally durable wood species into a variety of marine and commercial applications including ship, pier and boardwalk constructions. During the last 30 years Timber Holdings USA has developed a reputation as the foremost authority on these unique building materials and their applications in major commercial projects around the world. Working with municipalities like New York and Atlantic City on the reconstruction of their world famous boardwalks, Timber Holdings consults with architects, engineers, manufacturers, contractors and consumers about appropriate wood species for exterior applications. In the early 90’s Timber Holdings USA launched its Iron Woods™ brand, which has become the benchmark for highest grade naturally durable wood products, responsive service, reliable supply and environmental leadership within the commercial, residential and manufacturing industries.

At the cornerstone of the Iron Woods™ brand are the supply and distribution partnerships that we support by strictly enforcing the highest and most consistent quality and environmental standards recognized by world markets today. Our team of timber specialists strictly controls our qualities from harvest through production and packaging, which is why all Iron Woods™ brand products are backed by certificates of species, quality and environmental compliance, whether produced in our own facilities or by partner suppliers. As a full service company, we provide remanufacturing and fabrication services in addition to sourcing and holding extensive product inventories.

At Timber Holdings we have always felt a deep responsibility to take a leadership role in environmental education and forest stewardship. This is achieved through investment in programs and organizations whose efforts support sound forest management and sustainability. We are available to assist you in making informed decisions and encourage you to support the use of the world’s most beautiful and renewable resource: natural wood products. As industry leaders, we believe our customers and our reputation are our most valuable asset. When you specify or purchase Iron Woods™ brand product, you are not just buying a piece of wood. You are buying the piece of mind that comes from over thirty years experience in the durable wood products industry.

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Iron Woods™ residential products are sold through various lumber yards throughout the United States, while our commercial products are sold direct through us.

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Timber Holdings USA works closely with government agencies, sawmills and foresters from all over the world to ensure that Iron Woods™ products are sustainably managed.

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